Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update: My new beauty blog.

As you guys know i use to have another beauty blog and this blog was originally my blog store, but now im kinda transitioning this blog to a beauty blog. I put some of my old blog posts that i thought might just add a little kick to start this beauty blog. I will try to update this as best as I can. Im usually pretty lazy to update these types of things too frequently but I'll try my best! This blog will consists of things that I talk about on my youtube beauty channel., random rambles, reviews, hauls that i dont always show in videos, and probably other miscellaneous things! well, I do have a lot of planned videos for you guys! Its gonna be amazing. I know I've been promising tutorials since forever, but sadly i cant do them until i get a tripod.... guess who always knocks the camera down like 86521635654864 times. So yeah, im really sorry guys! i hope i get one soon :D
Summers here for me... FINALLLY! but i only have two months which sucks. thats too short to call summer breaks! I really wanted to ask... is it bad sleeping in circle lenses? ... >"< I did that like 3 freakin times already.. Sometimes they feel so comfortable i forget that i have them on. I also accidently broke one! LOLOL how in the world can anyone do that?!!! well.... i did! which kinda sucks, i really like that pair too! it was the super nudy blue! well, im gonna try to get some videos done today. thats it for now :D


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