Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so recently i had problems with this account an all, but its fine now. i know some of the products does take a little long, but its honestly not my fault. they take forever.. but if i do have all the products i shipped it out already. so you should be expecting it soon. if not, im not gonna be home for the next couple of days, so when i get back, i will ship them out on that day. please do understand, im really the only one doing this, my aunt, well shes been pretty busy, planning her trip and all. so yeah.
so now, from what i heard my aunt is going a bit early, so she leaving in about a week, now since they needed her from some reason. so i stopped taking preorders. everyone who has ordered within this week. please tell me so that i can see what i have and dont have. because then i would have to refund you.


  1. Have you shipped out my order??? Please respond immediately!!! I've been waiting patiently for a month. This is very crucial! I am going overseas for two months in ONE WEEK TIME. I NEED THEM TO GET DELIVERED.